Developed from an investigation of economic and political ties between Sicily and the United States, Disrupted Accounts explores the complex relationship between historical memory and individual conscience, raising specific questions about the (presumed) veracity of reconstruction, narration and transmission of events in relation to the common perception of the current situation - dominated on the surface by a complex system of invisible and unknown connections.
Drawing from recent news events (shedding light on the effects of the military agreements between the two continents which started in the 50s), the project triggers an extensive series of space-time references, holding the viewer in a continuous back and forth between the past and an unpredictable future, creating an atmosphere of suspension and ambiguity. Within this framework even the present appears as a transient and imperceptible time between what has just been and what is to become. Reality escapes from the understanding of those who are living it and it becomes an indefinite and misleading fragment. As the title suggests, the exhibition presents itself as a disrupted, disturbed, broken up account, challenging all linear readings of temporality. The show is an audiovisual device that acts as a polyphonic document in which the viewer can loose or find himself negotiating between abstract and poetic tones, or critical and political notes. The exhibition consists of a set of works closely related and complementary to each other: including an immersive sound installation of environmental and mechanical sounds, an 8 mm video projection transferred into digital, and a series of analog black and white and digital color protographs.
Other clues are also provided in the form of sculptoreal fragments and texts.

(Text written for the exhibition Disrupted Accounts at BOCS, Catania, Italy)

Alessandra Ferlito